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A simplistic blog about Karen Wiggins

Born and raised in Massachusetts, I was raised with high expectations having had 3 older brothers that all went to Harvard. Being the youngest of the family and being the only girl, I choose a career in fashion design and have setup a small collection of clothing wear that people can browse.

My Fashion Sense


I enjoy a minimalist approach to clothing, being able to show off a woman's body with a silhouette of a sleeveless waistcoat with the comfort of an oversized vest or cardigan. Easily worn anytime and can be used again and again when accessorized differently, I love the ability of being able to take various accessories and making a completely different stylish outfit everytime.

Classical Dresses

Karen Wiggins

I love velvet and sequins as much as the next person, but this classical navy dress can be worn long beyond the office holiday party or the New Year’s Eve bash. Matched with a complimentary purse, this sense of business casual is the perfect accessory that I love to flaunt.


Karen's Fashion Sense

I love to accessories with a stunning watch and matching purse, the tennis bracelet is a staple that every woman needs in her jewellery collection and this one gleams without breaking the bank! Crystals on a rhodium-plated bracelet make an elegant and minimalistic statement no matter what you’re wearing.

Etsy Coming Soon

I'm currently working on building my own Etsy store front where you can buy and see more detailed pictures of my works, please stay tuned!

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